I live close enough to the Rose Bowl to see the flyover, but I've only managed to catch it twice in 10 years (something about partying the night before every year). Sadly, this year wasn't one of those years that I saw it. The bummer is that I was in the garage (Jaloping, as you do) and heard it, but by the time I got… » 1/07/15 2:39pm 1/07/15 2:39pm

Pretty sure that would still be illegal. My understanding is that weed in the car is like an open container in the car - you're supposed to keep it in the trunk (or somewhere you can't access while driving) while transporting it. Also, think if they were doing something else equally as distracted, like texting or… » 12/26/14 6:59pm 12/26/14 6:59pm

I have a 2005 Elise with a supercharger. I've seen 30mpg (US) a handful of times - that's 30mpg for the whole tank of fuel, not 30mpg while cruising. I usually see 24-25 for a tank when I'm driving around town, 26-27 at freeway speeds (70-80mph), but when you're on backroads with lower speed limits, 30 isn't difficult. » 12/11/14 1:33pm 12/11/14 1:33pm